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With the most famous organizer of celebrations in the Gulf Studios Al-Saeed to cover one of the events in the sisterly Sultanate of Oman and in the capital, Muscat. The people of Oman are among the finest and kindest people I have dealt with – their hearts are white and their hospitality towards their guests […]
Destination Wedding Planner Congress 2020
Among the best wedding service providers in the world represented in an event destination wedding planner congress 2020 DWP We were chosen to participate in this exclusive event – it was an experience of another dimension on the sidelines of which we held some successful deals Whit Consultant Sir. Tom Meggle & Events Desinger Abeer […]
Malisya Trip
17 September، 2021
A very quick business trip that lasted a day and a half we wanted to stay in this beautiful country by its nature due to the beauty of its citizens and all things from the airport to the airport    
Almakan Lab
Part of one of our projects directed to photographers, cinematographers and individuals with good taste in acquiring murals we offer you the finest materials, which we brought to you the best of them after we traveled all over the world  
king Abdullah City
Quiet, beautiful and romantic one of the best options for me in photographing indoor and outdoor events in particular  
15 February، 2019
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